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Water Management

Each year, IRUA provides more than 1 billion gallons of high quality softened water to our member-customers.  IRUA's service territory includes all or portions of 18 counties in central and northeast Iowa. Within our territory, IRUA serves 77 small communities tailored to meet their individual needs through different types of connections:  community franchise, bulk connection, emergency or supplemental connections, and operator services.  The following provides an outline of possible service options for communties in need of a dependable water supply, staff to support water service, and maintenance of the distribution system.  

Community Franchise

Several communities in IRUA’s regional service area have enhanced their water and/or wastewater utility services through a franchise agreement with IRUA. The citizens of the city become direct customers of IRUA. Unincorporated communities are not eligible for franchise agreements; however, water service can be provided through individual residential meters in those circumstances.  

Bulk Connection

Many communities have recognized the need for providing a better quality, more dependable supply of water to their customers while maintaining their customer base. The treated water provided through a bulk connection with IRUA may provide your community with the needed quality and quantity of water at significant cost savings. These savings may be realized in the areas of water treatment, storage, distribution, and operations.  

Supplemental/Emergency Connection

Previous natural disasters have resulted in water supply concerns and consequently many communities are seeking a contingency plan for water service. A contingency plan may accommodate circumstances that include: well failure, equipment failure, water tower repainting or possible supply contamination. With an emergency connection in place, IRUA could provide the necessary water supply until the community service is restored.

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